Small transporter of Europa Trans

The start of EuropaTrans Ltd.


The first transport vehicle, A Yellow-Range Mercedes transporter, of Ilia Vlashki als owner of his new company EuropaTrans Ltd. in 1998. Soon a second slightly larger transporter was needed! This was the beginning of his success. Ilia Vlashki is a skilled man who knows what he wants.

A picture of Ilia Vlashki

EuropaTrans Ltd. is a customer-centric organization looking to become one of the premier trucking companies on the Balkan peninsula with the head office in Bulgaria.


IIiya Vlashki began as a truck driver in the company SOMAT and served his employer for nearly 20 years. In the second halve of this period he start playing with the idea to start his own transport business. To be a employee, he was convinced that this is not the thing he wants to practice his entire life. So he bought two cargo cadies and with help of a few friends he started two way express deliveries form Bulgaria to Germany.


In the beginning (1998) he was one of the drivers in his own new small cargo company. Very quick he understood that he has to concentrate on acquisition finding new clients to increase the his clientele. The textile industry started booming in Bulgaria and Iliya Vlashki noticed and stepped on the right moment in the textile transport as added market segment. The company started with purchasing 5 new trucks equipped with hangers for transporting Clothing. In the next three years Europa Trans became the biggest transport company for textile in Bulgaria. In 2002 the company started to expand again and decided to purchase a building  and land in the region Pazardzhik. 2006 sq.m and 5512 sq.m land. From this period 2000—2008 the company concentrate on the customer needs to transporting goods to France.


By increasing the fleet, the need of a service station, truck wash, warehouse and petrol station was not a luxury but  a necessary decision.


With the establishment of the station, a staff of 10 people is hired to perform the full service and technical maintenance of the company owned vehicles. During the last years the company is leaded by the changing economic situation and is seeking to be at more extensive market place by simply increasing the number of vehicles which are currently over 100 trucks.



Now, Europa Trans perform two way transport from turkey to Europe. This required the company to obtain ECMT / CEMT permits. For this purpose once a year a request is submitted to the Ministry of Transport and Information Technology. Depending on the number of vehicles and their degree of environmental grading a certain number of licenses are granted.


Iliya Vlashki understood that the transport and cargo market is continually changing, in general the world around us is changing rapidly and that it is necessary to fulfill the changing customer needs better. With his new concept he will focus on the future with new marketing strategies, sales innovation, durability and permanent education of the crew to create extraordinary business results.




We believe in manageable complex challenges and efficiency

Low-emission fleet

Efficient use of available resources in logistics

Green thinking & education of the whole team (multi-dimensional approach)

Education our drivers in energy-saving driving techniques

Increasing the use of renewable energy in our new warehouses (zero carbon footprint)

Cross border cooperation and cleared cargo right at the doorstep.

Carried out in accordance with the highest freight transportation standards.

HACCP related transport


EuropaTrans will set a standard for efficient use of available resources in logistic. We will working through balance between economic, social and environmental pillars. As the Society is facing ever greater pressure to protect the environment, we will focusing on to become the one of the leading green logistics services provider and prove that CO2 emissions can indeed be reduced as transport grows. Therefore we will  replace our fleet to Euro6 (low-emission fleet) with climate control, redevelop our logistic administration and improve more green thinking. Education our drivers in energy-saving driving techniques and increasing the use of renewable energy in our warehouses. EuropaTrans will build the most sophisticated Zero Carbon Footprint warehouses. Warehouse logistics in a country as Bulgaria is still in its infancy.




Groundbreaking solution through innovation , smart thinking and  digital technologies in a creative and entrepreneurial manner. Developing new ways of doing business faster, cheaper, easier, smarter and with environmental responsibility is our persistent focus!  We ate taking the environmental future seriously. EuropaTrans will step back from diesel fuels. EuropaTrans will act in improving the standards of efficiency, safety and quality concerning the social; impact of the transport and logistics of chemical goods. Continuously improve the environmental, health and safety performance of  the company is part of our responsible care program. We set ourselves extreme specific environmental goals and share it with our stakeholders and customers so that they can realize theirs. Our motivation and drive is to minimaize the negative impact in the environment. To strengthen our aim we are a member of the GBOB foundation which is focused on leaving the linear economy toward circular economy.



EuropaTrans is a Pazardzhik  Cargo company that works to be one of the largest trucking companies in Bulgaria. EuropaTrans is initially focusing on the hardware and textile industry with plans to diversify with new industries served. In particular the (Bio) organic food industry. EuropaTrans  has chosen the trucking industry as the growth prospects are encouraging and stable, with trucking dominating the freight industry in the surrounding countries. EuropaTrans will offer both for-hire as well as private carriers. For the private carrier segment, both truck load (TL) and less than truck load (LTL) will be offered, which is especially attractive to the food industry.


The traffic density, accidents, different regulations, insecurity, crime cost increases, etc require a driver extreme patience. The modern truck driver is no longer just at the wheel. He must have at least two languages, the regulations per country know his truck guard and protect for theft and many other tasks between departure and custody for unloading the goods. In short, a responsible job.


The TEP program developed by GBOB is an excellent training for truck drivers. Attention is also paid to efficient, decent and economical driving behaviour. The language package German, English, Turkish, and French is standard. So the communication between client and driver will be in the near future in client's language.

Crossroad location of the country and the role of a bridge between Europe Middle East and  Asia is a favorable and important factor.


The company holds numerous meetings with ASIAN AND MIDDLE EAST CLIENTS  and recently with Iranian clients for joint- activities in the near future.



Logistic and Distribution

EuropaTrans comes active in the field of distribution and logistics and will play in important role in linking the delivery chain of many new clients, due to expanding our package of services. As a company situated in central Europe we see opportunities next to our cargo for logistics and distribution between western Europe and Greece, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia / Eastern Europe: Georgia and in the near future Russia and Ukraine after stabilization of the crises.


EuropaTrans has a transshipment area of over 20.000 m² in the region Pazardzhik Bulgaria. This offers clients the opportunity to store their stock close to the distribution point. Besides storage and transshipment we carry out plain pick & pack-activities. In the near future 2019 we will invest in 153.000m2 for expanding storage.


Goods can be delivered both by trailer and by container. We think and act proactively and offer the right solutions for every transport problem. Thanks to our network, many years of expertise EuropaTrans has the knowledge and contacts in-house project cargo fast and flexible to move around the world at competitive prices. The company has strict safety procedures with regard to the loading and unloading.



Using sustainable logistics chains with optimal cooperation.

Intelligent Cargo Concept

The advancements in technology and increased need for streamlined business operations demand new ways in cooperation. In recent years, the Internet of Things has been recognised to be an important future technology, providing new opportunities for enhancing the exchange of information and status updates on real-time regarding business operations.


Companies, markets and people depend on goods that reach them unharmed, safe and on time. But it is busy. Both on road and rail, as well as at airports and in seaports. EuropaTrans therefore invests intelligent systems that create order in the information flows. Only then can we ensure that goods arrive at their destination as efficiently as possible. With Intelligent Cargo the goods are precisely mapped. Account can also be taken of the specific rules and conditions surrounding the cargo - such as temperature and humidity. Intelligent Cargo introduces a new level of system integration.


This mainly concerns cooperation between the various logistics partners. Where these used to function as separate links, Intelligent Cargo makes it possible for them to work together as one chain. This is extremely cost-effective, cost savings of 20% are easily achievable!



Intelligent Cargo provides better support for track-and-trace activities in intermodal transport. The information about the route of a cargo is therefore available for transport by rail, road and sea. The advantages of full traceability throughout the chain are very large.


  • Smart sensors measure the temperature of the load, report this from door to door and integrate the data with ERP systems. For example,                                             transporters can take measures remotely to prevent the deterioration of goods
  • Factors that affect the environment are measured, shared and reported across the entire transport chain. Multimodal transport is optimized on the basis of the measured emission values.
  • Track-and-trace of different modes of transport such as trucks, train wagons and ships.

Europa Trans will focus in 2018-2019 on the development of “IntelliFreight” (IF) intelligent Cargo concept integrated new communication system and efficiency systems to reach the optimum in:


Freight management, your goods from A till Z


Let us take care of your transport, it's our passion we cover it with care!


Freight management means, you know exactly where your goods are in real-time with our innovated location platform, so you can FOCUS on your core business. It means also complete transport operations, from order, planning and execution to the administrative handling. We oversee the complete supply chain.

Real-time Order exchange monitoring


Real-time Order execution monitoring


Real-time Connect App


Process optimizations


Real-time corrective actions



Directs insights during the execution of shipments, offering  to apply corrective actions, or to learn from the results enabling them to optimise our logistical processes for the future.

Eliminate potential interruptions in our communication so as to optimise the supply chain processes and safeguard our quality standards.


The eConnect App together with the eConnect platform makes it possible for to retrieve from the haulier of your goods the actual position, real-time status information, pictures and messages during transport.



  • Environment friendly and safe
  • More efficiency and better mobility
  • Cooperative approached
  • Pre-monitoring traffic flow
  • Integrating Mobile internet G4/5 / GPS / Tracking and     UMTS / when needed i-net Satellite
  • Energy-saving driving techniques
  • More security in the road traffic
  • Constantly education of the drivers and the       logistic team
  • Use of camera’s fight the blind spot
  • Implementation of ISO 9001 & CRM
  • Constantly education of drivers

Supply chain management


We handle your supply chain in the meanwhile you can focus on your core business. You always in the loop through our control platform.






Simplifying distribution solutions to complex challenges in a creative and entrepreneurial manner

Warehouse & implementation

Tailor-made warehousing & fulfilment solutions that match your needs. Looking for the right partner that understands your business? Meet EuropaLogistics


Our job is our passion and we are a dynamic experienced team and always standby. We realize that good is not good enough! Each of us is extremely committed to serve you as a customer with the best possible products and services in the market to reach with our customers extraordinary results. EuropaTrans concerns that you can operate competitively. But we care also about protecting our environment when it comes to reducing waste, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Our warehouses running exclusively on solar energy. Strategic located distribution centres allow our customers to find a solution to store your products.
Order ID.: L914572DE Shipper.: GBOB Ref.: HC/co2754kPA Vehicle ID.: PA 4789 GD Reference.: Gben 9874L First action.: Loading in 3500 Plovdiv Bul. Asenov 112 Bulgaria
First activity.: Time 07:00 /12.04.17 *ready 09:05 / 12.04.17 Load 15 Ton 13 pallets wine/ Status:real-time: Waiting papers / Start driving 09:12/12.04.17
Switch to real-time map
New activity.: Border Bulgaria / Serbia 11:19/12.04.17 Waiting on border approximatily 6h
The eConnect App together with the eConnect platform makes it possible for to retrieve from the haulier of your goods the actual position, real-time status information, pictures and messages during transport. This way, you always know where your goods are, which is the ETA at the different locations and at which time the goods will be loaded or delivered.
We love out job! It is our passion!

In 2018 and 2019 the company will be equipped with the best performance en technology.




ADR and Dangerous goods Insulation
 Bitumen, Tar, Gas, & Liquids  Cabins, Tyres, and other parts  Mineral wool, GlasTerm, Insulation pipes etc.
Jumo Bags
 Raw packed Food and Feed products  Medical supplies and instruments  High tech and electronics
Jumo Bags 25Kg bags Container Bulk
 Industrial paper & Pallets Petrochemicals, Granulates and Powders  Petrochemicals, Granulates and Powders

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YOU WANT TO WORK IN A YOUNG PASSIONATE TEAM OF SPECIALIST? EuropaTrans is a fast growing company and set out a few new divisions during the common years, such as storage of al kinds of goods included food in fridges and deep freeze facilities, distribution centres and embracing cargo services. We are looking constantly for Drivers for domestic, international, and long stay international transport. Increasing activities means investing in personnel that serves our drivers and customers with passion. In our department for administration, expedition domestic and international , fleet technical services and sales we can offer you a sustainable job. You speak additional fluently one of the following languages: German / English / French / Spanish and you are experienced with the branche, we can offer an exiting job in a dynamic expanding company. write an e-mail to.: Diesel truck mechanics maintain the mechanical systems and power plant of our diesel trucks. They may also retrofit older engines to be both more fuel efficient and lower in environmental impact. Other systems, such as the drive train and electrical system, also come under the purview of the diesel truck mechanic. If you ready to work in a team that is focused on problem solving, mechanical aptitude, hand-eye coordination, self-directed work ethic than write an application letter accompanied by an extensive curriculum vitae and a photo to the following e-mail address.:


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